Vulcanico 2018


VULCANICO is a pure Piedirosso of  Vesuvius.
Students of the 19th century called it “Palombina” or the current “Per’ e Palummo“, testimony that demonstrates the ancient settlement in the Vesuvian territory of Piedirosso. It owes its name for the red color of the peeps of the berries reminiscent of the tint of the pigeons’ paw. In the Vesuvian territory it’s produced in purity as well as making it the essential component of the blend of the Lacryma Christi of Red Vesuvius.

The colour of the wine is ruby with purple reflections. On the smell it is cherry, berries, plum, violet, and spicy scents predominate. A good alcoholity with a fairly pronounced tannin of good body that guarantees a balance that, over time, will progress by softening the youthful acute angles (by many appreciated). Versatile wine, it is perfect to taste with mature cheeses, First of Meat, First of Fish, First of Land, Seconds of White Meat, Seconds of Red Meat, Second Of Land and Fish Soups.

Region: Vesuvius
Grapes: Piedirosso 100%
Geographic Coordinates: 40°48’13.1″N 14°28’01.7″E
Altitude: 550 mt
Climate: Sunny from sunrise to sunset
Soil : Volcanic-Sandy
Cultivation System : Doppio Guyot



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