Lacrymanera 2018


LACRYMANERA is an historic and elegant wine with an intense ruby red color, so lively and bursting that it seems to have come out of Vesuvius itself. Made from an ancient blend of grapes such as Piedirosso, Aglianico and Sciascinoso. Pleasant scent of red fruit, dry and harmonious flavor, complex and full-bodied, and with the right tannicity. On the olfactory examination: it’s a very complex wine that has obvious spicy notes accompanied by scents of red fruits, with shades of violet. On the gustatory examination: it turns out to be velvety and well structured, presenting an excellent taste persistence with fresh notes and connoted with a natural aromatic bouquet. This noble wine should be paired with the first dishes with meat sauces or fish soups, roasts of red meat, noble poultry, game, spicy cheeses and strong taste, without ruling out the possibility of marrying it with the most lustrous dishes of the Mediterranean diet.
The vineyards are located on the slopes of Vesuvius characterized by the richness of natural slopes of volcanic nature, rich in minerals and for the excellent exposure.

Region: Vesuvius
Grapes: Piedirosso 60% – Aglianico 20% – Sciascinoso (10%)
Geographic Coordinates: 40°48’13.1″N 14°28’01.7″E
Altitude: 550 mt
Climate: Sunny from sunrise to sunset
Soil: Vulcanico-Sabbioso
Cultivation System : Doppio Guyot



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