Ellenicum 2018


ELLENICUM is one of the oldest wines in Italy, probably originating in Greece and introduced into our country around the 7th-6th century BC. Today Aglianico is still one of the principles of the national wine scene. The very first description of this variety was made by Pliny the Elder meeting it right at the foot of Vesuvius, and cataloguing this species as “vitis hellenica” then identified in the Aglianic wine.

Ellenicum is a dark ruby red, of beautiful texture and Mediterranean produced in the Vesuvian area. Vinified in steel tanks at controlled temperature and refined in barrels, it presents an attractive and intense olfactory bouquet of spices and red fruits. On the palate it is dry and consistent, of good tannicity and persistence, they open to a taste of great balance and depth. Structured, important, full and tasty, it closes with a finish on dark tones, of great persistence. Perfect to drink with red meats, mature cheeses, mushroom risotto, and Neapolitan sauce.

Region: Vesuvius
Grapes: Aglianico 100%
Geographic Coordinates: 40°48’13.1″N 14°28’01.7″E
Altitude: 550 mt
Climate: Sunny from sunrise to sunset
Soil: Sunny from sunrise to sunset
Cultivation System : Cordone Speronato



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